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Who are we ?

For more than 25 years, Lives healthy is a family business.

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More than a quarter of a century ago, we discovered the natural pine extract as an ecological and decisive stain remover in the cleaning industry. We believe in our miracle product. We started putting the product literally "on the market". This is because we have missed something in the current range of cleaning products. We would like to sell a quality product at a reasonable price, but without compromising the quality of our service. After numerous demonstrations at weekly fairs and markets in Belgium and Germany, it became clear that customers believe in our product. This gave us the extra energy to push the boundaries and next to Belgium France, Germany in the Netherlands households are aware of our product. Not only would households benefit from our product but also companies Cleaning and large companies, hotels, caterers, restaurants and various facilities companies that pronounce the name of our product with pleasure.

You can reach us on pinextract@yahoo.com
Best regards,

Laurentiu Paslaru